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(AKRBC) Compact AK Receiver Block

The ACE Internal Receiver Block requires modification to the receiver; i.e.. the tang on the back of the receiver must be cut off then filed or ground smooth. The internal receiver block will then simply bolt into the receiver. It will be connected at the pistol grip screw hole on the inside of the receiver and the pistol grip “T” nut will hold the front of the receiver block. There is no movement to the receiver block once it is installed. Fits most common stamped receivers, 1mm and 1.6mm.

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(AKRBS) Ace Saiga Rifle and Shotgun Receiver Block, Grip and Sling Mt.

US made. No modifications required to your weapon. For SAIGA rifles and shotguns that have not had the fire control group moved forward. Includes receiver block, pistol grip and all needed hardware to install. Also includes 1 1/4” sling swivel.

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(AKRBU) Ace AK Stamped Universal Receiver Block

For all common stamped receiver AK’s. Such as Chinese Type 56 and MAK 90 (square cut receivers only), Romanian SAR, Hungarian, Russian/ Siaga, Egyptian Maadi. Length extends 1.535” ‘from the back edge of receiver. AKRBU is drilled and tapped in two places to allow the stock to be mounted higher for use with optical sights. Includes a 1 1/4” sling mount which can be mounted on the left or right of the rifle. Weight 180g (6.42 oz).

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(AKRBV) Ace Robinson Armament VEPR Receiver Block

An ACE Exclusive! These VEPR receiver blocks have clearance machined in to it to fit the Krebs customized VEPR’s (KTR). Will not fit early wooden thumb hole type VEPR’s. This receiver block extends 1/8” (.125”) from the back edge of receiver. Note: you must cut off the tang on the receiver to install this receiver block.

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(AKRBY) Ace Yugoslavian AK Receiver Block

Yugoslavian AK Stock Adapter Block. Fits Mitchell Arms M70 and M90, as well as all other Yugo AK’s with the original “no tang” stock interface.


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AK Stamped Receivers > Receiver Blocks

AK Stamped Receivers > Receiver Blocks

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