AR-15/M16 Buttstocks

(AR-UL) ACE Ultra Lite Stock

The lightest AR stock ever devised! Weighs only 5 oz. This stock uses Ace’s original soft foam overtube for the ultimate cheek weld. A billet machined gusset reinforces the receiver extension tube at its weakest point directly behind the receiver. Precision machined aluminum butt clamps directly to the RET and provides a machined in sling mount. Also includes your choice of .5” or 1” Recoil Pad. Does not include Buffer Tube, Buffer, or Buffer Spring.

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(AR-UL-E) ACE AR Ultra Lite Stock Entry Length

Lightest AR-15 Stock ever devised. Weighs 9.5 oz without Buffer and Spring. Uses Ace's soft, closed cell foam over tube for ultimate cheek weld. Billet machined gusset reinforces the receiver extension tube at its weakest point. Precision machined aluminum butt clamps directly to Buffer tube & Provides a machined sling mount. Includes .5" or 1" buttpad and buffer tube. 7.125" Over all length (without buttpad). Does not include Buffer Tube, Buffer, or Spring.

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(AR-UL-GUS) ACE AR Ultra Lite Gusset

Replacement gusset for ARP, AR-UL-E,and AR-UL. Strengthens connection between Receiver Extension Tube and receiver, also retains takedown spring and detent.Includes tension screw. Drilled and tapped for sling swivel in two places(sling swivel not included)

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(ARFX) ACE ARFX Skeleton Stock

Experience for yourself the improved feel of this lighter weight buttstock from Ace Ltd. Does not include buffer tube, buffer or spring.

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(ARFX-E) ACE ARFX-E Skeleton Stock Entry Length

Entry length Skeleton Stock 7.25" long without buttpad; yet strong enough for its intended purpose Close Quarters Battle. CQB usually involves heavy armor and the need for a stock that can breech light doors or in hand to hand combat. Sling Swivel, Foam Over Tube, choice of .5" or 1" Recoil Pad, and all mounting hardware. Pictured with Buffer Tube. Buffer Tube, Buffer and Spring NOT Included.

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(ARP) ACE Pistol Tube Assembly

Uses a carbine buffer and spring for the ultimate in reliability. The overall length is only 7” from the back edge of the receiver. Includes: 1.25” ambi sling mount, billet machined gusset (to retain detent and keep extension from unscrewing), special short receiver extension tube, foam overtube (you cut to length), CAR buffer and spring.

$64.99 A175 Quantity:

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(HMR) Hammer Stock w/ M4-7 Tube & Strike Buttplate

World’s strongest AR stock, machined from heat-treated aircraft aluminum. Laser etched position marks with a 7 position tube to ensure the perfect fit. Five spring loaded ball bearings ensure smooth tube transitions and a locking adjustment trigger. Also features an adjustable cheek rest and strike plate.

$299.99 A126A Quantity:

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(M4-6P) ACE 6 Position Stock

Newly designed tele-stock is completely radiused of sharp edges, beefed up around the trigger latch area, and features a square hole design to allow sand, dust, & dirt to escape the tube area. Special body style is ribbed for extra strength & durability. The tube was specially designed with a lower lip that acts as a timing lip to insure the buffer retainer is held correctly and extension is positioned in the correct location. Dry film lubed for smooth action. Offers six positions of adjustment to fit nearly everyone.

$74.99 A615 / A615CB / A615OD Quantity:

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(M4S) ACE M4 SOCOM Stock

Approximately 6 times stronger than an AR15 A-2 stock & receiver extension tube. Ideal for CQB or breaching doors, without the fear of bending the receiver extension tube. Adjustable length of pull, adjusts from 7.5” to 9.5” (standard version) or 9.5” to 11.5” (long version) in five 1/2” increments. Closed cell foam overtube provides an extremely comfortable cheek weld.

$199.99 A150/A160 Quantity:

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AR-15/M16 Buttstocks

AR-15/M16 Buttstocks

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